Distributed Management and Bitcoins: Cryptocurrency Banking Systems

Cryptocurrency Banking Systems

What is Bitcoin?

Created in 2009, Bitcoin is the first decentralised cryptocurrency , a type of digital money that is currently used by more than 25 million users around the world to transfer and store value , to make purchases and payments , and even to save .

How does Bitcoin work?

Operations in bitcoins (or BTC) are based on a computerised accounting system that works between people (P2P), without intermediaries to validate the transactions. The network on which these operations take place is protected with cryptography .This makes the system extremely difficult to hack , and much more stable and resistant to hacking, spoofing, and embezzlement.

For users , however, trading Bitcoin is as simple as sending an email : there’s a sending address, decentralised app developer, a receiving address, and an amount in bitcoins that goes back and forth. If you want to know more, don’t miss our Bitcoin Guide: a trip to the Crypto planet , a production that tells you in detail everything you need to know about the most important cryptocurrency .

‍How Bitcoin came about:

The creation of Bitcoin, in mid-2008 , is attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto , a name that remains a mystery, since the true identity of the creator(s) of Bitcoin is unknown . Yes, it could also have been a group of programmers.Nakamoto released a document called Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System , where he explained the various aspects of its development.

It is an accounting protocol , a way of keeping accounts between people.

It is a computer network that performs the necessary actions to record operations. It is a cryptocurrency , a fully digital currency valid for making such transfers, which can be converted off-network into legal tender.

And it is also a community of consensus, development and discussion.

If you want to know more about Nakamoto , you can read this section of our Guide. And if you are interested in knowing how the first operations with bitcoins were , you can see this other one .

‍Bitcoins , blockchain and miners Unlike traditional money, bitcoins are not printed but generated through mining . This is what is called the use of special computers dedicated to processing the necessary calculations to validate the transactions.

In each transfer, the system takes note of a series of data in code : amounts and Bitcoin addresses of who sends and who receives. As it is not necessary, private information is not collected or about the devices from which the operations are made.

Each certain volume of transactions, the mining computers use complex mathematics to try to find a key or fingerprint that serves to validate that block of operations and add it to the blockchain, the accounting network on which Bitcoin works. This is called proof of work and it is the only way to create bitcoins .

If you want to know more about blockchain and BTC mining, you can review this article from our Bitcoin Guide .

‍What are the advantages of Bitcoin?

  • They are not printed: they are mined .
  • Each bitcoin is unique, it cannot be counterfeited , duplicated or altered.
  • They are convertible to any legal currency (pesos, dollars, euros).
  • The operations are made without intermediaries and with low network commissions .

In addition, they do not compromise personal information : they are safe and irreversible.

  • Due to network engineering, bitcoin accounts cannot be frozen .
  • Similarly, payments cannot be blocked or cancelled .
  • It is a type of digital money that cannot be indebted .
  • Its value does not depend on the inflation of a country or business decisions.

Cryptocurrencies and traditional banking:

Could traditional banks and cryptocurrencies coexist? We believe that it is not something unthinkable. Although there are factors such as the high volatility of these digital assets and the crimes associated with bitcoin that cast a cloak of doubt, and a danger of bubbles that worries regulators, it is also true that cryptocurrencies force the financial system to improve , since They come up with new ways of doing things. At least potentially, they allow us to think of a new level of payment services, with the possibility of designing new financial products that make life easier for bank users.

The truth is that retail interest in cryptocurrencies skyrocketed. And several international banks have already announced that they will allow their clients from some segments to invest and trade with crypto assets. More and more are thinking that distributed ledger technology could transform everything from payments to auditing and customer identity verification processes.

However, so far cryptocurrencies are functioning more as a store of value than as a tool of exchange. And there is significant interest among consumers of investment services in cryptocurrencies. For many banks they constitute a new asset class that is rapidly establishing itself as a viable investment. And some entities are also investing in startups operating in this space. On the other hand, the number of institutions that allow their clients to operate with bitcoins through an integration between their platform and the platforms of cryptocurrency wallets is growing in the world.

Step by step instructions to store digital currencies:

Whenever you have bought cryptographic forms of money, you should store them safely to shield them from robbery or hacking. Digital forms of money are commonly put away in scrambled wallets, which are actual gadgets or online programming used to store the confidential keys to your digital currencies safely.  In any case, not all trades or specialists give you wallet benefits naturally.

There are different wallet suppliers that you can look over. 

Hot wallet stockpiling: “Hot wallets” allude to cryptographic capacity that utilises online programming to safeguard the confidential keys of your resources. Cold wallet stockpiling: In contrast to hot wallets, cold wallets (otherwise called equipment wallets) depend on disconnected electronic gadgets to safeguard your confidential keys safely.

What might you at any point purchase with digital currencies?

At the point when it was at first sent off, Bitcoin was planned as a mechanism for regular exchanges to permit you to purchase everything from some espresso to a PC or even high-esteem things like land. Such an idea still can’t seem to emerge, and in spite of the way that the quantity of organisations tolerating digital currencies is expanding, huge exchanges with them are exceptionally uncommon. 

Innovation and web based business destinations:

Many organisations that sell innovation items acknowledge digital currencies on their sites, for example, newegg.com, AT&T, and Microsoft. Overload, an internet business stage, was perhaps the earliest webpage to acknowledge Bitcoin. Shopify, Rakuten, and Home Stop additionally acknowledge it.

Extravagance items:

Some extravagance products retailers acknowledge digital money as a type of instalment. For instance, online extravagance products retailer Bitdials offers Rolex, Patek Philippe, and other very good quality watches in return for Bitcoin.


In April 2021, the Swiss insurance agency AXA reported that it would begin tolerating Bitcoin as an instalment strategy for all its protection lines, with the exception of life coverage (because of administrative issues). Chief Safeguard Insurance, an American organisation that sells auto and home insurance contracts, likewise acknowledges Bitcoin for instalments. If you have any desire to spend crypto at a retailer that doesn’t acknowledge it straightforwardly, you can use a crypto check card, like Bitpay in the US.

Are digital currencies safe?

Digital currencies are in many cases made utilising blockchain innovation. A blockchain depicts how exchanges are kept in “blocks” and time stepped. It is a to some degree perplexing and specialised process, yet the outcome is a computerised record of cryptographic money exchanges, which is hard for programmers to control.

Moreover, exchanges require a two-factor validation process. For instance, at a Defi development company you might be approached to enter a username and secret word to start an exchange. Then, you might have to enter a verification code that is sent in an instant message to your own wireless.

Four hints to put securely in digital forms of money

As indicated by Buyer Reports, all speculations convey risk; be that as it may, a few specialists believe digital currencies to be one of the most hazardous venture choices out there. If you have any desire to put resources into digital currencies, these tips can assist you with settling on informed choices.

Explore the sacks:

Prior to effective money management, learn about digital currency trades. It is assessed that there are more than 500 packs to look over. Investigate as needs be, read audits and converse with additional accomplished financial backers prior to continuing.

Figure out how to store your advanced cash:

On the off chance that you purchase digital forms of money, you should store them. You can keep them in a sack or computerised wallet. Despite the fact that there are various kinds of wallets, everyone has its advantages, specialised necessities and security levels. Very much like sacks, you ought to explore your capacity choices before you contribute.

Enhance your speculations:

Enhancement is critical to any wise venture methodology; this is as yet legitimate on the off chance that you put resources into digital forms of money.  There are a huge number of choices and it is better that you enhance your interest in a few monetary forms.

Get ready for instability:

The digital money market is extremely unpredictable, so you should be ready for the high points and low points. You will see exceptional changes in costs. In the event that your speculation portfolio or emotional wellness can’t deal with it, digital currencies may not be a shrewd decision for you.

Digital forms of money are the fury today, however they are still somewhat in their earliest stages and are viewed as profoundly speculative. Putting resources into something new has its difficulties, so be ready. In the event that you intend to partake, do all necessary investigation and contribute safely to begin.

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