Ecommerce SEO Best Practices: 7 SEO Tips to Increase Sales

Ecommerce SEO Best Practices

E-Commerce and Importance of SEO

E-commerce is the new age shopping store that is available on the internet. It also works as a website and like any other website, e-commerce websites also require SEO or search engine optimization. 

It is important to have a good SEO service for e-commerce. SEO is the only technique that’ll help make your e-commerce store visible to web users. It also helps in effective online advertising and social media marketing. You can only sell online if you’re visible to the audience or buyers. And for this, you need SEO strategies better than your competitors. 

Let’s take a look at key points you’ll gain with great SEO

  • Better Engagement with buyers
  • Generate more leads and increase business
  • Contact potential customers
  • Stay ahead of every other e-commerce selling similar products
  • Improved Social Media Marketing
  • Increase visibility on the web
  • Scale your business and stay profitable always

Ways to Improve SEO for E-commerce 

It’s not that difficult to improve SEO for your e-commerce website. The simplest way to do this is by hiring an e-commerce management service. There may be many providers out there but Keev Marketing is the best bet you can make for a good SEO service for your e-commerce website. But it’s still better to have some knowledge so you have an idea of what to expect from the e-commerce service. 

Plan Out Site Structure

You may think it’s just a phrase but good looks get good exposure and it’s valid for the e-commerce website as well. But site structure is not just about looks, it’s also about good and easy user experience. So, it’s important to have a good looking website with an easy to use interface. Plan the site structure of your e-commerce accordingly. Make sure your site looks great and provides even greater experience to every visitor. After all, a good first impression is crucial.

Key Advice: Make sure you use the website designed by your e-commerce management service provider before making it live on the web. If you’re unhappy with the experience, your customers will be as well.

Be Clever With Keywords

A good SEO service provider knows the importance of keywords and you should too. Keywords help in improving search engine results. Be clever with keywords. Make sure the keywords that are being used relate to your products. Also, do keyword research to find what keywords to use. You can also use keyword research tools to get great results.

Key Advice: After optimization with keywords, do a quick google search and check if your position has improved in search results.

Create Stellar and Trustworthy Content

Good content means great engagement. Hire an e-commerce management service that can create stellar content. But with creativity, content needs to be trustworthy as well. This means creating content that is factual and true. Make sure there is no false information being provided in the content. Lies can hurt your brand image and thus hurt your business as well. 

Key Advice: Always fact check every content made by SEO service provider so no misinformation is circulated even by mistake.

Make Sure Product Descriptions are SEO-Optimized

One more kind of content goes on your e-commerce website. This is your product description. To get effective sales, always make sure your product descriptions are also SEO optimized. This will help you do much better in search engines and make your products appear more easily. Also, it helps in great social media marketing.

Key Advice: Make sure the keywords used for products are specific to each product for better traffic on site.

Keep Site Categories Strict and Consistent

Along with site structure, proper site management will make it easier to scroll through your site and find the products easily. In order to do this, you need to keep your e-commerce site categories strict and consistent. This also helps in applying filters easily to find the required product.

Key Advice: Test the apply filter option. That will help you to determine if categories are strict and consistent.

Remove any broken links and 404 pages

Remove any broken links and 404 pages

What do you think irritates the users most? It’s the site that doesn’t function properly. Your site might have many broken links that users are unable to open. Also there are 404 pages which are extremely irritating and can make users leave your e-commerce website. It’s important to remove any such error links. Ask your e-commerce management service to check for such links and remove these from the site making it more efficient.

Key Advice: Test every element of your e-commerce website to find broken links and 404 pages.

Improve Website Speed

A speedy website is a loved website. Increasing your website speed is of the utmost importance. If your site keeps lagging users will leave it and shift to some other site. Time is of the essence and nobody has enough to keep waiting for your site to load. Improve the speed to improve engagement and sales.

Key Advice: Ask your e-commerce management service to find the elements that make your site lag and keep it bug free.

That’s your guide to successful e-commerce business building with SEO. But why should you choose Keev Marketing remains the question. 

Well, because Keev Marketing has a fast working SEO friendly site and they know the importance of a good site. They’ll work efficiently on your website to make it more user friendly, active and engaging. And most of all, they’ll give your website the time it requires because time is the most important factor in building a great working e-commerce website. If you want consistent growth of your e-commerce business, join hands with Keev Marketing.

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