Effortlessly Onboard Your Education Franchisees with Calimatic

Onboard Your Education Franchisees with Calimatic

As a franchise owner, you know that one of the biggest challenges in running a successful franchise is onboarding a new franchise. It can be time-consuming, resource-intensive, and sometimes frustrating. However, with the right tools and processes in place, onboarding new franchisees can be a breeze. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can effortlessly onboard franchisees with Calimatic, our Edtech Franchise Management solution.

What is Calimatic?

Calimatic is a cloud-based franchise management software solution that streamlines franchise operations, from onboarding new franchisees to managing day-to-day operations. It’s designed to help franchise owners and administrators save time, reduce costs, improve staff performance, and improve franchisee profitability.

How does Calimatic help onboard new franchisees?

Calimatic simplifies the onboarding process for new franchisees with its easy-to-use interface and powerful features. Here are some ways Calimatic can help you onboard new franchisees:

  1. Centralized communication: With Calimatic, you can easily communicate with new franchisees via email, chat, or video conferencing. You can also share documents, training materials, and other resources in one centralized location, making it easy for franchisees to access the information they need.
  2. Automated workflows: Calimatic allows you to automate repetitive tasks, such as filling out forms and sending reminders, freeing up time for you to focus on more important tasks. You can also set up customized workflows for different franchisees based on their needs and preferences.
  3. Training and certification: Calimatic makes it easy to create and manage training programs for new franchisees. You can track their progress and certify them when they complete the training, ensuring that they are fully prepared to run their franchise.
  4. Performance tracking: Calimatic provides real-time performance metrics for each franchisee, making it easy to identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.
  5. Payment & Automated Fees Management: In addition to streamlining onboarding and training, Calimatic also helps franchise owners and administrators manage payments and automate fees. With Calimatic, you can easily set up automated billing and invoicing, track payments and fees, and generate financial reports. This feature ensures that franchisees are paying their fees on time and that you have a clear picture of your franchise’s financial performance. 

What are the benefits of using Calimatic for franchise onboarding?

Using Calimatic for franchise onboarding can provide several benefits, including:

  1. Efficient timelines: By automating tasks and centralizing communication and resources, you can save time and improve efficiency.
  2. Cost savings: By streamlining processes and improving performance, you can reduce costs associated with onboarding new franchisees.
  3. Improved franchisee satisfaction: By providing a smooth onboarding experience and ongoing support, you can improve franchisee satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  4. Improved franchise performance: By providing training and performance tracking, you can improve franchisee performance and ensure that all franchisees are meeting their goals.


Q: How much does Calimatic cost? 

A: The cost of Calimatic depends on the size and needs of your franchise. Here’s the link to the pricing page.

Q: Is Calimatic easy to use? 

A: Yes, Calimatic is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for franchises with little or no technical experience.

Q: Can I customize Calimatic to fit my franchise’s needs? 

A: Yes, Calimatic is highly customizable and can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your franchise.

Q: Is Calimatic cloud-based? 

A: Yes, Calimatic is a cloud-based franchise management software solution, which means you can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Onboarding new franchises can be a daunting task, but with Calimatic, it doesn’t have to be. Our franchise management software solution provides a range of powerful features to help streamline the onboarding process, including centralized communication, automated workflows, training and certification, performance tracking, and payments and automated fee management. If you’re interested in learning more about Calimatic and how it can benefit your franchise, please reach out to us for a free demo.

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