Elevate Your Web Strategy: 9 Premium WordPress Plugins 2023

Best WordPress Plugins 2023

Coding is only the cup of tea for some. Therefore we use plugins to showcase our website like wordpress as we want. 

These plugins add more functionality to your wordpress tasks. Besides they also work as an attractive factor for your users. 

Albeit, thousands of WordPress Plugins can help you raise the bar and presence of your business online. And interestingly without spending a huge chunk from your coffers.

You might be astonished to know that there are almost 60K WordPress Plugins available in its directory but choosing the best for your website can be one the daunting tasks for you. 

So, in this online journal, we will discuss 9 Premium WordPress Plugins 2023. In addition, how these plugins can elevate your business’s online presence. You can avail of these WP Plugins almost free.

Don’t be ready to wait. Let’s check out and choose the plugins for your WordPress websites. 

Fast, Free, and Best WordPress Plugins

Though there are thousands of WP extensions available, however, what to choose for your website growth can be daunting In addition, not everyone is adaptable to using these plugins for your website growth. 

Therefore, we offer an offshore WordPress Developer for your website. Which is compatible with using all these plugins and keeps a deep know-how about the advanced technologies. 

 Below is the list of the top and most adaptable WP extensions. Choose accordingly. 

  1. ALL-In-One SEO WP Plugin

AIO SEO is one of the free and best WP Plugins. It is a Godsend for those who don’t know about SEO but to show their article on Google Top Searches. It can help you export your site’s content, file theme, and media and you can upload your data locally or on the cloud.

Why Choose AIOSEO

  • This is made in such a way that you should not have prior technical know-how before using this WP plugin. 
  • You can use this WP extension with a simple drag-and-drop approach for uploading website content.
  • This extension is highly useful for those who are always hungry to show themselves in Google SERP, within a few minutes it is ready to use. 
  • This add-in also acts as a supporting platform in providing automated safety against brute-force attacks.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • This WordPress Plugin lends help to those who want to set up all the advanced WordPress SEO features like XML sitemaps, optimized search appearance, SEO meta title, description, and keywords, Open Graph SEO Knowledge Panel information, social media integration, Google Search Console, local SEO, schema markup for SEO, etc in a couple of minutes. 
  • One can experience seamless SEO integration with Webmaster Tools and Social media.
  • It offers you smart XML sitemaps and rich snippets. 

One can benefit from the above-advanced functionalities using the All-in-One SEO. Now look at how it can solve common website problems or enhance specific functionalities.

AIOSIO Feature List

  • Quick and Easy WordPress SEO setup wizard.
  • Makes your Optimization SEO code markup and On-page SEO easy. 
  • Offers you detailed content and readability analysis.  
  • Comes up with automatic and dynamic SEO generation smart tags and unlimited keyword search. 
  • This AIOSIO WP Plugin advanced XML sitemaps boost your SEO ranking with easy Google Seach Inside Console.
  • Improve your brand presence locally and globally. 
  • It offers a link assistant by observing a report of all your internal/external links and on the basis of these provides you with quality solutions for internal linking. 
  • Manages Robots.txt well, prevents duplicate SEO content with automatic canonical URLs, and boosts your SEO rankings. 
  • The best part of this ALL-In-One WordPress Plugin is it can easily integrate with Semrush, Facebook, Twitter, WooCommerce, Elementor, and others. 
  1. SeedProd

This WordPress plugin allows you to create custom website themes and page layouts. Its growing library of customizable landing page templates helps beginners and non-tech-savvy users to customize WordPress websites.

SeedProd, a person who comes with no coding experience, allowed them to create a Coming Soon Page or a Maintenance Mode Page with low or no code.

Why Choose SeedProd WP Plugin

  • With this Plugin you can work privately when your website is under maintenance.
  • It is one of the easy-to-use WP extensions for page builders and allows you to customize the WordPress custom theme, Headers, Footers, Single Page Templates, Archives, Global Parts, WooCommerce Product Pages, Carts, and more. 
  • One can edit and build the complete website with no prior know-how of coding. 
  • It allows you to create variations on the website or build a wordpress website from scratch with SeedProd WordPress library, themes, templates, blocks, and sections. 
  • SeedProd is an all-in-one plugin for making high-converting landing pages. It comes with SEO and Analytics settings, premium email integration, and stunning Domain Mapping, One can create any page of WP landing page. 

The above reasons specify why one should use SeedProd for their lander page on the website. Now, in the next section, we will see How Website Owners Achieve Specific Goals Using SeedProd. 

 FEATURE LIST of SeedProd WordPress Plugins

  • Allows you to create Headers, Footers, Pages, Posts, Archives, Sidebars, and WooCommerce Pages with WP theme builder. 
  • Its drag-and-drop page builder makes your website super fast, lightweight, and responsive.
  • This extension comes with 200+ Professionally Designed WordPress Themes, Landing Page Templates, Layout Sections, and 80+ Pro Page Blocks to help in creating a variation in blocks to display static and dynamic content. 
  • SeedProd WordPress Plugin comes with a huge library of Landing Page Templates that you can use to design Sale Pages, Coming Soon Pages, Maintenance Mode Pages, Webinar Pages, Giveaway Pages, Thank You Pages, 404 Pages, and Login Pages
  • Page created with this extension can be accessed on any device such as laptop, desktop, and mobile. 
  • Its premium integration Collects emails with your favorite 3rd party email marketing service providers, including ConvertKit, Constant Contact, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and more. 
  • Allows you to track every subscriber with or without a 3rd party email provider.
  • Its bloat-free code allows you to load your website quickly. 
  • The best part of this plugin is, that it protects your website landing pages from spam, bot, and fraudulent submissions with Google ReCaptcha.
  1. Monster Insight WP Plugins

This plugin is easier to add, customize, and manage Google Analytics on your WordPress website. It lets you connect your WordPress site to Google Analytics in just a few clicks. With MonsterInsights, WordPress Plugin you can track metrics such as clicks, links, and downloads without editing any code. In addition, you can also see how your site is performing at a glance

Why Choose Monster Insight WP Plugin

  • It comes with a Quick and easy Google Analytics setup that allows you to track your code even when you switch WordPress themes. 
  • You can see real-time stats in your WordPress dashboard and view popular posts, pages, and referral sources. 
  • This plugin can accurately count the number of clicks on your affiliate, internal, and other outbound links.
  • It wisely tracks your Google Adsense ads with Google Analytics.
  • It provides you with Comprehensive Google Analytics tracking for your WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads store.
  • Get Author reports, SEO score reports, Custom Post Type reports, and file download stats in just a few clicks. 

The above points make it the most popular Google Analytics WordPress plugin for your WP websites. Now, in the following section, we will see how it can improve website performance, user experience, or SEO. 

Features of the Monster Insight WP Plugin

  • Offers 1-click Google Analytics eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce,  MemberPress, Easy Digital, MemberMouse, GiveWP, Restrict Content Pro and LifterLMS. 
  • Provides you detailed stats for each post and page of your wordpress website. 
  • Set up proper website tracking across devices without prior knowledge of coding. 
  • The Monster Insight WordPress plugin automatically adds notes to your WordPress dashboard and helps you identify trends and patterns. 
  • Setup tracking for authors, searches, custom post types, categories, tags, users, and other events.
  • Its GDPR-friendly procedure Makes it more compliant with Google Analytics and other privacy regulations.
  • Smoothly and easily track each user’s visiting journey and how long they spent there before making a purchase in your store.
  1. MailChimp for WordPress

Mailchimp for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to connect your WordPress site to Mailchimp. Mailchimp is an email marketing service that lets you create email marketing campaigns and build subscriber lists. The plugin lets you add forms and custom signup methods for Mailchimp to your WordPress site. 

Why Choose MailChimp for WordPress

  • You can create dynamic newsletters, with unlimited subscription forms.
  • One can build email lists with header customization.
  • You can choose the action form by adding tailored fields. 
  • Allows your visitors to subscribe newsletter. 
  • Mailchimp WP Plugin helps in building relationships with current or probable clients and conveys more personalized and conversion-generating information. So that they can engage more with your website. 
  • Establish the best communication channel with you and your fantastic audience in a single click.  
  • Offers text customization on your selected buttons. For instance, if you wish to write a message on the submit button, then you can write your message on that button. 

In addition, the MailChimp WP Plugins also integrate with other plugins like Default WordPress Comment Form, Default WordPress Registration Form, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms 3, WPForms, and others. 

Now check out how you can enhance website security, speed, or customization options with the MailChimp for WordPress plugin. 

Features of the WordPress MailChimp 

  • Connects with thousands of contacts in just a single click. 
  • Allows you to control the form fields and build forms using native HTML.
  • Helps you identify your customers’ tastes by viewing what exactly customers shopped for and looking for. You can make your strategies according to your user’s requirements. 
  • You have exact details of revenue-generating by your email campaigns. 
  • This plugin can translate your website language. 
  • The MailChimp plugin provides various filter and action hooks that allow you to modify or extend the default behavior.
  1. WPform Plugin

WPForms freemium plugin allows its users to create contact forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and more with no coding experience. Its drag-and-drop interface and and ready to use templates make it easy to create forms without any technical knowledge. WPForms is considered beginner-friendly and is used by over 5 million sites.  

WPForms offers smart workflows to save users time. In addition, it allows users to customize their websites with pre-built templates. They can also add custom form fields and rearrange them.

The WPForms Plugins can be connected to other WordPress sites, plugins, and apps like Google Sheets, Twitter, and Zapier. In addition by using this Plugin one can integrate with popular email marketing tools, including Constant Contact and GetResponse.

Why Choose WPform Plugin

  • For its novice user, it comes with the 5 min challenge, of creating a new form with its in-built library. 
  • Their ready-to-use workflow and templates make it a more attractive,beginner-friendly, and the top-most choice among users. 
  • It is a boon for those who have zero experience in coding. One can create and manage forms without any coding knowledge or technical expertise. 
  • It includes integrations for popular page builders like the WordPress Block Editor Classic Editor, Elementor, and Divi to make the whole process seamless.
  • Its drag-and-drop technique makes the rearranging columns form a cakewalk.
  • It can optimize your queries and boost your website speed. 
  • Its amazing responsiveness provides a good look to forms and makes it unique in the market. 

Features of the WPform Plugin

  • The one thing that everyone seeking is, that it comes with built-in spam protection with CAPTCHA and Honeypot technology. 
  • It allows you to view all your leads in one place to streamline your workflow.
  • It can split your long page form into multi-page forms which enhance users’ experience. 
  • Your forms can connect with MailChimp, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, and others. 
  • One can unlock more leads by capturing partial entries from forms.
  • Can connect with many online payment forms like PayPal Commerce.  
  1. WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

There are more than 150 million startups at present but not everyone is well-versed in technology. This WP Plugin allows users to turn a regular website into a fully functioning online store without any technical expertise. Its open-source feature makes it more productive and functional. 

This WordPress Plugin includes features such as inventory and tax management, secure payments, and shipping integration. It allows developers to create, customize, and scale a store to meet a client’s exact specifications.

Additionally, developers can use hooks and filters to modify website functionality and integrate virtually any service using a robust REST API and webhooks.

Why Choose WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

  • You can assign a name to your online store.
  • Allows you to choose and manage your hosting partner easily. 
  • It does the categorization of products in online stores skillfully.
  • Makes the payment system for users and owners smooth.
  • Allows customers to manage their addresses and payment system efficiently. 
  1. LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin

Optimization is like Oxygen for any website, it can make your website rocket and make you popular among the users. So for optimization, we need a reliable extension that can do this task for us by itself. Therefore, we use the LiteSpeed Cache (LSCWP) WordPress plugin to speed up the performance of WordPress websites. 

It uses the LiteSpeed web server’s in-built cache page to store content from dynamically generated pages. Its advanced caching functionality and optimization features make WordPress more compatible with the most popular plugins, including WooCommerce, bbPress, and Yoast SEO.

Why Choose LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin

  • LSCache plugin bridges the gap between a web app and the Cache Engine.
  • LiteSpeed Cache WP Plugin includes suggested text that you can add to your site’s Privacy Policy.
  • With the right tool and caching your website can increase the speed of your website.
  • In addition to caching, this plugin has online features which are provided by QUIC.cloud for Image Optimization, CSS Optimization, and Low-Quality Image Placeholder services.
  • This plugin communicates with your LiteSpeed Web Server and its built-in page cache to deliver preeminent performance to decrease load time for your WordPress site.
  • This Plugin can communicate directly with LiteSpeed Web Server to store static copies of dynamically generated web pages.
  • It can adjust its own level of resource consumption to minimize its impact on the server.

 Features of the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin

  • This plugin eliminates the need for a separate CDN (Content Delivery Network) plugin.
  • Has the ability to cache personalized copies of a page.
  • It can combine multiple JavaScript or CSS files into one.
  • Saves time by loading images and iframes asynchronously.
  • Performs Image optimization to improve page load times.
  • Boost the speed up database queries by eliminating the clutter that accumulates over time.
  1. WP Mail SMTP WordPress Plugin

SMTP, Secure Mail Transfer Protocol is used to send or receive emails. But when it comes to your WordPress Websites, then you need a WP Mail SMTP WordPress Plugin. This extension ensures that your emails are delivered to your users’ inboxes and not to their spam folders. 

This Plugin helps to resolve email delivery issues that are commonly encountered with default WordPress settings. 

Why Choose WP Mail SMTP WordPress Plugin

  • The WP Mail SMTP plugin supports all the top SMTP service providers and works with any WordPress hosting company that offers email accounts.
  • Its top features like email logs, email controls, priority support, and a white glove setup make it unique in the market.
  • It wisely tracks emails open and clicks. 
  • You will get stats and weekly email summaries directly into your inbox. Using these stats, you can make new strategies for your business. 

Features of the WP Mail SMTP WordPress Plugin

  • Easily export WordPress email to CSV, EML, or Excel. 
  • Lets you store all of the WordPress email attachments that are sent from your WordPress site. 
  • Its active email / Slack Notifications/ SMS/Twilio Notifications/ Webhook Notifications alerts make it the best choice among users you will get instantly notified about failed emails.
  • Allows you to configure multiple mailer providers. For instance, if your primary connection, fails to deliver the message, then the WP Mail SMTP WordPress Plugin automatically routes it through your Backup Connection and tries to send email again.
  • This plugin follows all security best practices. 
  1. RafflePress WordPress Plugin

This plugin allows you to create giveaways and contests on your website. You can use RafflePress to promote your business, get new subscribers, increase social media followers, or get more engagement with your current customers by using its built-in templates including Grow Your Email List, Refer-a-Friend, Grow Your Facebook Page, and more. 

Its drag-and-drop builder allows you to customize your giveaway entry forms, add viral sharing options, and automate winner selection. In addition, this WordPress Plugin integrates with popular email marketing services and social media. 

Why Choose RafflePress  WordPress Plugin

  • Its smart fraud detection feature helps you verify each action and user email.
  • It has a random generator that makes it easy to pick winners for your giveaway campaigns or contests. 
  • Creates curiosity and What’s Next feelings among the users.  
  • Website users enter the giveaway contest with their email address which helps you grow your email list.
  • Its sharing feature and mouth advertising help you get more website traffic, email subscribers, and social media engagement without buying any paid ads. 
  • RafflePress WP Plugin is well-versed in adapting to your workflow and allows you to create a giveaway campaign widget or landing page in a couple of minutes.

Features of the RafflePress WordPress Plugin

  • Its 100% mobile responsive giveaway solution makes it great.  
  • RafflePress WP Plugin giveaway widgets are also highly optimized for web and server performance.
  • Allows you to add prizes with images, create a complete giveaway campaign, configure viral sharing actions, and customize the styles by using its drag-and-drop sweepstakes builder.
  • This extension offers seamless integration with famous email marketing services like Drip, Active Campaign, MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, and more.


So. this write-up explains the most usable and secure WordPress Plugins for your websites. A few of these extensions are free but some are paid. You can choose according to your needs. However, using these extensions does not require a developer but if you want to lay emphasis on making strategies for your business, you can hand over this task to us. We will customize your website according to your needs and your audience. 

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