How Hand-Made Jewelry Are Different From Other

Hand-Made Jewelry

Many people are moving away from mass-produced jewelry and toward handmade jewelry. But what is handcrafted jewelry, and why is it becoming so popular? There are a lot of different ways to make jewelry today, and we’ll look at some of them here. Some enticing pieces of jewelry are available at low prices via Made by Mary Coupon Code.

What is Jewelry Made by Hand?

Handmade jewelry is made by an artist who doesn’t use machines that make a lot of the same thing. Handmade jewelry does not have a set “look.” It can range from simple pendants and bracelets that are put together by hand to complicated designs that take hours or days and a lot of skill to finish. The one thing they all have in common, though, is that a jewelry artist makes each one by hand with only simple tools.

Why Choose Jewelry Made by Hand?

When you buy a piece of handmade jewelry, you’ll always get something that’s one of a kind. Because everything is made by hand, there is almost always a little difference between each piece of the same style. Handmade jewelry may have small flaws, like a cut line that isn’t perfectly straight, but it also has a lot more personality. Not only does the piece of jewelry have a story, but so does the person who made it.

A Jewelry Business Made by Hand

When you buy handmade jewelry, you help small business owners do what they love. Some of these companies are as small as a stay-at-home mom who sells things on Etsy from her home. Most are small business owners who are involved in more than just the economy of their area. They also often get their materials and stones from other small businesses. Even if you don’t live near them and buy online, you’re still helping the small businesses that keep our economy going.

Artists who make their own jewelry are also more likely to use materials that come from ethical sources. They are usually a great place to look for jewelry that is made in an ethical and sustainable way. They usually choose to buy from companies with a good reputation for recycling scrap metal or who can guarantee that the stones they sell did not come from areas where there was violence. Some jewelers will even go to the mines themselves to see how the work is done. This proves where the diamonds and gemstones came from. Check the Serena Williams Jewelry Coupon Code for savings.

Things You Don’t Know About The Hand-Made Jewelry 

Recently, everyone wants jewelry that was made by hand. The care and love that makers and artisans put into their work shine through in the masterpieces they make. Most people don’t understand why jewelry made by hand is a better investment than jewelry made in large quantities. There are a lot of reasons why handmade jewelry is a better investment than mass-produced jewelry, so I thought I’d explain why. Here are 7 things you may not have known about jewelry that was made by hand.

There Is No Machinery For Mass Production.

Handmade jewelry is exactly what it sounds like: it is made by the “hands” of the artist or maker. The pieces are soldered, sawed, carved, and shaped by hand, not by machines that make a lot of the same thing. A machine can make hundreds of pieces per hour, but a person can only make a limited number or a small fraction of that number in the same amount of time.

How Much Time Is Worth

As was already said, it takes a very long time to make a single piece of handcrafted jewelry because there are no machines involved. As a designer myself, I know that it can take me hours to make one piece of jewelry for a client. Often, it takes weeks to make the piece.

The Process of Making

The person who makes something knows it very well because they made it. The way a piece is made is a big part of what makes it valuable. Emilie Shapiro talks about how she works and says, “When I make jewelry, I feel very close to my work. I know that every bend and line is there for a reason. When you make something, you put your energy into it.”


Almost always, the materials used in a piece that was made by hand are of the highest quality. It’s hard to regulate mass-produced factories where dirty metals are mixed together to make costume pieces, or even to know what alloys are used. Materials that are made by hand usually come from very trustworthy places.


Many people who make jewelry care a lot about sustainability and getting their materials in an ethical way. Being moral can cost a lot more than taking the easy way out and buying from a refiner or dealer with low prices and questionable sources. Again, Emilie Shapiro always uses the best materials she can find, which she gets from suppliers who believe in the same things she does about being environmentally friendly. Almost always, the quality of something made on a smaller scale is better.


Smaller-scale production is almost always better because it is easier to keep track of and control the process from start to finish. Makers and craftspeople are very proud of the things they make. They won’t let something with their name on it that isn’t very good leave the studio.

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Made Close To Home With Love

“Buy local” is a phrase that is getting a lot of attention these days. Getting rid of your carbon footprint and buying from local artists is good for the environment and for you. Each piece of work is made with love and energy by an artist or maker. From a sustainability and energy point of view, it’s very important to buy local. Along with the extra value that comes with handmade jewelry, you also get something that is truly unique. Even if the handmade item is part of a limited edition, no one makes two identical items. The fact that you are the only one with that piece of jewelry says a lot.

The next time you’re thinking about buying a handmade piece of jewelry, keep in mind that even though it may be an investment, you’re also helping something bigger. You should feel great about your purchase because you now have a unique piece of jewelry by the artist.

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