How to Choose a Tablet Stand for Your Business

Tablet Stand

Are you planning to introduce tableside ordering to guests at your restaurant? Or, are you considering bringing the cash register to the customer at your clothing store through a mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) system? Fortunately, tablets and accompanying stands are all you need to drive more efficient and faster sales.

Tablet stands to offer several benefits. They are affordable, scalable, and convenient. However, as far as tablets stands are concerned, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Multiple types of tablet stands are available to suit various businesses’ needs.

So, how do you choose an appropriate stand for your staff, your customers, and you?

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about selecting a tablet stand for your business.


Tablet stands are highly flexible: They are designed to work with various types of tablets (e.g., iPads and Galaxy tablets) and can be used in different contexts and scenarios. In light of this, when looking for a tablet stand for your business, you’ll need to think about the type of tablet you prefer and how you plan to use the stand. This will help you to determine which stand would best work with your situation and environment.

Types of Tablet Stands

Wall mounts allow tablets to be affixed to walls. With these stands, your tablets can sit flat against a wall, or you can swing, pan, and tilt it to take advantage of several display angles. These stands will also enable you to pivot between portrait mode and landscape mode.

A tablet kiosk stand can quickly be affixed to a tabletop. A stand with a full-screen tilting ability will let you reverse your screen to share information on the screen with a client, visitor, or customer. Like a wall mount, a counter stand may also let you rotate your tablet between portrait mode and landscape mode. A well-designed stand also comes in multiple heights to suit various users.

A floor stand will allow you to conveniently position a tablet at the user’s height while being attached to your business’s floor. You can set up this stand at different heights.

Examples of Where to Utilize Various Stands

Let’s say you’re looking to streamline the customer service experience at your business. In this situation, a wall-mounted or counter stand may work best. These are the types of stands that work well at government service centers or banks.

Counter stands are also a great choice for introducing mPOS to your business. You can likewise use this kind of stand for assisted shopping or a self-service kiosk. It’s a particularly great solution for enhancing your business’s compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A wall-mounted or floor stand is the best choice for a guest check-in or information kiosk. Likewise, you can use one of these options for a kiosk used to book a facility or meeting room.

Tablet Stand for Business

Cable Management

Tablet cables look unsightly when they are not organized, and they can additionally pose a tripping hazard at your business establishment. For this reason, effective cable management is an important quality to look for in the stand you ultimately choose for your company.

Intuitive tablet stands will let you channel your tablets’ cables directly into their charging ports through the stands. In this way, the tablets can continue to charge while mounted. If you plan to mount a tablet to the wall, the right stand will also allow you to easily run cables through your establishment’s wall.

Security Features

If you’re looking for a stand to use for mPOS, you’ll want one with an enclosure designed to protect your tablet during everyday use (for example, a durable aluminum enclosure). Likewise, if you plan to set up an information kiosk, for example, look for a floor stand or wall mount with an enclosure you can lock.

A stand with a keyed lock is a smart investment if your tablet will be in an area with minimal employee supervision, as it can easily be targeted by thieves. In the same way, a durable enclosure is necessary if you plan to place your tablet in an area with high traffic (e.g., a commercial kitchen), where it may easily become damaged.

Display Stability

Finally, look for a tablet stands with a strong adhesive you can rely on. For instance, quality stands may come with adhesive steel plates that connect to smartphones, tablets, and iPads. An industrial-strength adhesive will allow your wall, counter, or floor stand to withstand any environment,

Select the Perfect Tablet Stand for Your Business Today

A variety of tablet stands are available to suit your business’s unique needs, ranging from wall mounts, counter stands, and floor stands. Wall mounts are ideal for efficiently delivering customer service, whereas counter stands can come in handy for providing mPOS services. Floor stands are perfect to use for information kiosks.

Consider the above-listed tips for choosing a stand to use at your business as you seek to improve your customer experience in the months and years ahead.

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