How To Choose An OB-GYN


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Having a selection process when choosing an obstetrician-gynecologist is important. The right OB-GYN will make you feel comfortable about the process and help you understand the issues better. Choosing an OB-GYN for yourself is worth the effort because obstetrician-gynecologists deal with some serious health issues.

Before understanding how to choose an OB-GYN, let’s delve a little more into what an OB-GYN does.

What is an OB-GYN?

OB is an acronym for obstetrics. An OB is a doctor who deals with all the matters pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth. GYN is the short form for gynecologist. A gynecologist is a medical professional who is an expert in dealing with issues concerning the reproductive system of women.

OB-GYNs deal with changes that take place in a female after puberty and all the way toll menopause. It’s important for OB-GYNs to be competent and supportive.

An OB-GYN specializes in medical care for women who:

  • Are facing issues with family planning as some women have problems with their reproductive organs that need medical attention.
  • Have problems with the pelvic floor and need reconstructive surgeries.
  • Need treatment for cancer that is gynecologic.
  • Have a complicated pregnancy.
  • Need to resolve infertility issues due to hormonal imbalances.

Know What Your Insurance Plan Covers

It is wise to look for the OB-GYNs within your insurance plan’s range. This means that your insurance plan should cover the fee of your OB-GYN or the birth control plan they recommend. If the plan covers the fee, you can decide and go for that OB-GYN.

Health comes first, but checking your budget before finalizing an OB-GYN is wise. This is an important decision as you can’t keep changing doctors frequently. If the service cost of your OB-GYN is affordable and your insurance plan conforms to it, you can finalize the selection.

When you know that your insurance plan covers your OB-GYN’s services, you can manage your budget. It will help you manage other responsibilities wisely and prevent unexpected expenses from hindering your visits to the OB-GYN.

To know about your insurance plan, head to your insurance website or the person who manages your insurance plans and gather all the information.

Research Reviews

It is good to know the experiences of individuals who have visited your potential OB-GYN before. Take advice from someone who has been through the same. Or, if you are a young patient, ask someone your age who deals with problems similar to yours.


Your close ones like friends and relatives can update you on whether they had good experiences with their recent OB-GYN visits. You can ask for their reviews, the fee structure, and the policies of that OB-GYN. If the reviews are good for you, you can book an appointment and choose the same OB-GYN.

Web Reviews

It is worth checking online reviews of different OB-GYNs in your area. You can go through the survey forms patients have filled out online. This way, you can know the timings, whether the OB-GYN gives online appointments, the availability, and the clinic’s environment.

Check for Convenience

Be mindful of the OB-GYN’s proximity to your home/work locations. For example, if you are located in Richmond you’ll want to search for a gynecologist in Richmond VA. When you shortlist some OB-GYN doctors, look into their history online. These days, you can find complete biographies of OB-GYN online. You can also check how many exams they have passed, their qualification, which university they graduated from, and their practicing license.

Is Your OB-GYN Available Online?

Check your available timings and then look for someone giving appointments at your free timings. If you are a working woman, you must check the flexibility of your timings and days.

Moreover, if you frequently travel, it is important to look for an OB-GYN who checks patients online as well through skype or any other platforms.

What Communication Style Can You Expect?

It is important to understand your communication style and the style of your OB-GYN. Do you want your OB-GYN to communicate the way you always do? For example, if you have a serious nature, would you prefer to go for a serious toned OB-GYN? Will it not be better if your appointments are a bit lightened up?

Moreover, do you want to go into the details of every issue you’re going through, or do you want your doctor to explain the facts? Give a few days to yourself and decide the commutation way. A good communication style will improve your visits.


Decisions you make in the process of selecting an OB-GYN are important. However, they are not final. If you think you made the wrong decision, you can always change your doctor. Sometimes the doctor who was good for your friend might not suit you. So, go through the above steps and find an OB-GYN that works for you.

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