How to Convert Gmail to PST – Easy Approach

convert Gmail to PST


Gmail is the most popular email client for millions of users. Even then, users are looking to convert Gmail to Outlook many times. If you are one such user who wants to convert Gmail to PST, read this blog carefully because in this article we will share some simple and efficient solutions to export Gmail emails to PST file format.

Here, you will learn how to export Gmail to PST effectively. It covers all the aspects of the process that you should know before doing it.  Firstly, we discuss the need to convert Gmail to PST.

Reasons to Convert Gmail to PST File Format

There are numerous reasons that lead users to migrate Gmail emails to PST file formats. It might be because of creating a backup or switching to a more secure email client. Below we explain a few prominent causes that encourage users to export their Gmail emails to Outlook PST file format.

  • One of the most common reasons for most users to convert Gmail to PST file format is that they want to backup their Gmail mailbox data. It helps them to protect their valuable data from accidental data loss.
  • Another reason for exporting your Gmail emails to PST file format is that you can access your Gmail emails via MS Outlook.
  • If you want to share your data to anyone who is using MS Outlook, converting Gmail email to PST file format is the most effective approach.
  • PST file is a backup file extension that gives you offline access to your mailbox data. You can check your emails without Internet connection.

These are a few considerable reasons that lead users to export their Gmail email to Outlook PST file format. Now, it is time to check how to convert Gmail to PST file format.

How to Export Gmail to PST File Format Manually

There are basically two approaches: Manual methods and third-party professional tools. Both methods are described here to make sure you understand everything. First, we’ll cover the manual method and all its aspects. Later you will learn about professional and trusted third-party tools.

Convert Gmail to PST File – Manually

The manual approach to convert your Gmail emails to PST file format is easy and effective. You need to perform some simple steps in your Gmail account and Outlook application. First, you have to enable IMAP in your Gmail account and configure it in the MS Outlook application. After that, use the Import/Export functionality of the software to backup Gmail emails into PST file format.

Follow the below steps to backup Gmail emails to PST file format.

Step 1: Configure Gmail account to MS Outlook

  • Login Gmail account and go through the Gear icon.
  • Click on the Setting and select forwarding POP/IMAP to open the POP/ IMAP setting.
  • Now, tick the Enable IMAP, and tap the Save Changes button to save the changes.
  • Now, you have enabled IMAP access in your Gmail email account. You can easily configure the Gmail account to MS Outlook application.
  • Open MS Outlook and go to the file. Click on the Add Account button in the Info section.
  • In the Add Account wizard, select the Manual Setup and click Next.
  • Click on the POP or IMAP option and click Next.
  • After that, provide the required details of your Gmail account.
  • Click on the More Settings button and go to the Outgoing Server tab. Tick the My outgoing server requires authentication option, and then select Use the same settings as my incoming mail server.
  • Now, click on the Advanced Tab and provide the required details of the IMAP and SMTP server and port.
  • Click OK and the Next button. here previous windows will appear click ok then Finish.

Step 2: Backup Gmail to PST File Format via Outlook

  • Open the MS Outlook application and click on the File option from the top menu bar.
  • After that, select the Open & Export tab and click on the Import/Export option.
  • Choose the Export to a File option in the Import/Export wizard. Hit Next to proceed further.
  • After that, select the Outlook Data File (.pst) option and press Next.
  • Select the desired Gmail mailbox folder and hit the Next button.
  • At last, click on the Browse button to choose the saving location for the resultant file. Select other options and Hit Finish.

By following the steps above, you can export Gmail emails to PST file format in MS Outlook. The manual method is free, but not without limitations and drawbacks. Some of the drawbacks of the manual method are listed below.

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Drawbacks of the Manual Method

  • This process is very complicated and requires technical knowledge.
  • In this process, human errors might be possible.
  • The process must be started again If It is interrupted for any reason.
  • You can’t download Gmail emails in bulk with a manual approach.
  • This process is time-consuming.
  • Data loss might be possible.

Because of these limitations, most users do not adopt manual methods to convert Gmail emails to PST file format. This technique is quite complicated so it is not suitable for a new user. Now, you might be thinking what a non-technical user should do. The answer is the professional Gmail Backup Tool.

Professional Method to Convert Gmail to PST File (Without Outlook)

Every user wants an effortless process and perfect result. Therefore, users should opt for the professional third-party solution. CloudMigration Gmail Backup Tool provides an all-in-one solution for converting Gmail to PST file formats. With this tool, users can easily export Gmail emails in bulk and use advanced features to get the desired result. This software saves Gmail email into PST, PDF, MSG, EML, etc. With this tool, you can also migrate Gmail to Yahoo, AOL, Office 365, etc. It has a simple and interactive GUI. A free demo version of this tool is also available that can process the first 50 email items.


Here, we provide all the reasons and methods to convert Gmail to PST. Although you can use manual or professional methods, we recommend you opt for the third-party tool for the best results. I hope after reading this blog, your query regarding how to convert Gmail to PST query would have been resolved.

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