How To Resolve The Error “OST File Cannot Be Opened”?

OST file cannot be opened

If you are facing the situation where MS Outlook and your Outlook data files i.e. OST and PST are not opening. You are at the right place as here we are discussing the solution of this problem in this blog. Before moving the solution to this error, let’s know the reasons behind this error.


If an error message “OST file cannot be opened” is displayed and you try to open Outlook OST file. This means there is something wrong with your Outlook or with OST file.

Causes for OST file cannot be opened error

•             Incorrect installation of MS Outlook

•             The sudden closing of Outlook when it is in use

•             Synchronization error between OST file and Exchange Server

•             Issues in Exchange Server

•             Improper way of importing OST files

•             Virus or malware attack

Methods to resolve the error

You can try various methods to resolve the error –

•             Start Outlook in safe mode

•             Repair Outlook data file using Inbox Repair Tool

•             Disabling MS Outlook Cached Exchange Mode

•             Professional Technique – OST Recovery Tool

These are the methods you can try to resolve the error. The above three are the manual methods that have some disadvantages such as –

•             The complex task for non-technical users

•             A lengthy procedure that takes huge time of the user

•             Lack of reliability and accuracy

Professional technique – An easy and quick solution

If you are a user who doesn’t find the manual methods suitable for you or are not able to resolve the error using manual methods. You can try Softaken OST Repair Software professional technique that will overcome the limitations of the manual process.

The application is designed to provide you with a safe and result-oriented solution. No trouble will be faced at all by the user with this application. Moreover, a free version is also provided for the users to assure the working of the utility before its actual purchase.

Softaken OST Repair Software

Also know How to Manage Outlook Security?

MS Outlook is one of the most popular emails clients. It is a high-end utility that manages emails and provides many personal storage options. Therefore, it is called as a Personal Storage software. Your MS Outlook holds a number of important emails and personal information that you don’t want to lose.

To protect your data from corruption, MS Outlook offers protection which is known as “Outlook Security”. Under Outlook Security settings, you can improve the data security settings and automation code Outlook controlled access.

In case you have administration rights, you can customize the security settings as per the organization needs. For custom setting, the client side is updated with MS Exchange Server. Outlook Security Settings cannot be modified if you have the local PST file or the Outlook is using by an enterprise without using the associated mail service.

Cautions: if you are customizing the security systems, don’t forget to check the prevention clauses because improper changes may create troubles like virus attack and third-party access.

To customize the security settings, users are suggested to opt registry key.

Outlook Security Settings’ Tools

Outlook security administrative tools are packaged as set of four files named.

To give personal touch to MS Exchange security settings, OutlookSecurity.oft template is used. It is required to customize the security clauses.

Hastctl.dll is the tool used by security template for controlling and managing COM add-ins.

Comdlg32.ocx is the file that has trusted code control to select the COM add-in.

The fourth file of Outlook security settings is Readme.doc that has a collection of templates deploying Exchange Server settings.

Trusted Code Control Use

As you install the “Trusted Code Control“, you are allowed to make changes and addition of Outlook security settings. To perform the task, it is important for you to register yourself at administrative computer. Without registration it cannot be possible.


Though using the above methods, you will somehow able to resolve the error but if you want a quick and comfortable solution, go directly to the third-party solution without thinking much more.

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