The Main Causes Why Telegram is The Best Messenger For Business

telegram for business

Modern businesses are actively using social networks to increase their popularity. However, only some companies know that messengers can be an even more effective way to develop their business. For example, Telegram is exceptionally well suited for this goal. This article will explain why this messenger is worth considering and how you can benefit from it. 

Top-10 Telegram Benefits for Business

First, let’s talk about the advantages of Telegram, which you can use for your company’s activities. There are 10 main benefits: 

Free access to all features

Unlike some popular messaging apps, all Telegram features are available for free. For example, you can send text messages and media files with no limits. So you can use all available tools in your marketing without investment.


Divide your audience by age, interest, status, etc.; so if you want to make an ad for a specific client category, you’ll just have to select the desired group and send them a message instantly.

Engage your users

You can use Telegram to involve customers in promotional activities. For example, you can suggest customers take selfies near your cafe/office/etc. and share them with friends for a pleasant bonus. Then, you can send them an offer via Telegram, which would be convenient for you and the users. As practice shows, young people love such promotions.

Client support 

Today users prefer chatting when they have questions. You can quickly implement 24/7 client support via Telegram chat. First, leave a link to a chat room on your website. Then your clients can go to it and report if they have any questions. To communicate with users, you can employ operators or a Telegram chatbot.


To promote in Telegram, you don’t need to set up an advertising campaign, pay bills, track metrics and face other challenges. Instead, you just have to formulate an advertising message and send it to all clients in one click. 


Collecting feedback from customers is also greatly improved with Telegram. You no longer have to call every customer and spend a lot of time and costs. Instead, you just need to send a question via messenger. Then, your clients can answer it with a single message or by pressing one button if you are using a bot. 

High data protection

The creators of Telegram pay great attention to the protection of their messenger. It uses two different encryption ways and has some extra features which increase data safety, including secret chats and self-deleting messages. They offer $300,000 to anyone who can hack it, but no one has ever succeeded.


Telegram is available on all mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows mobile. It also has the web version and the desktop app for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. 


This feature offers another great way of advertising. You can design funny custom stickers with your logo and send them to your clients. In turn, they will save them and share them with friends. This will work like free advertising, as information about your company will be transferred without your direct involvement. 

Money transfers

Although this function is now only available in Russia and Brazil, the Telegram developers are promising to expand its connectivity area. The possibility of royalty-free payments will benefit many businesses, such as retail.

Telegram’s Advantages Over Other Messengers

Telegram is also remarkable because it has many features that make it stand out from competitors. Among them are: 

Secret chats. As we already mentioned, this feature makes a lot for data security. These private conversations use end-to-end encryption, so messages are transmitted directly between devices without needing a server. In addition, these chats aren’t stored in the cloud, so they are entirely protected from third parties. All the information is available only on chat participants’ devices.

Disappearing messages. This outstanding feature aimed at increasing data safety enables users to send self-deleting messages. They just have to select a time frame when a message is permanently deleted for all chat participants.

Free cloud storage. All the data you want to save can be saved in the Telegram cloud and can be accessed in your account from any device. So you get free cloud storage with important information, such as customer data or media files.

Opt-out. The creators of Telegram have announced that the project is non-commercial, so they will never sell it to international corporations. Thus, by choosing this messenger, you can be sure that your data will not eventually fall into the hands of third-party organizations and that the privacy policy will not be significantly changed.

Increase in users. Telegram’s popularity is hugely increasing every year. For example, in 2016, they had only 100 million users, but today their number is higher than 500 million. 

Telegram bots. This Telegram feature is a tremendous bonus for any business. Using it, you can automate many processes, like advertising your services, collecting feedback, providing customer technical support, taking orders, and much more. 

Another advantage is that you don’t have to have programming skills to create your bot. Instead, you can make it using ready-made bots. And remember, all these outstanding features are entirely free.

When You Shouldn’t Rely on Telegram

Although Telegram has a considerable number of advantages, there are situations where its use for business is not rational. 

The first reason is if your target audience’s interest in Telegram is low. If most of your clients do not use this messenger, then all of its advantages will not bring you as much benefit.

The second reason is the legal component. This point applies to businesses whose activities are subject to strict laws and regulations and requires special customer data protection. For example, if you provide medical services, the applications you use must be HIPAA or GDPR-compliant.

Although Telegram’s security level is very high, it still needs to meet these requirements. The situation is similar in banking. However, in these cases, you can consider developing custom software that will suit all your requirements. 


Telegram messenger is actively developing and gaining popularity. Using it to promote your business, you can not only engage more customers and increase the satisfaction of existing ones but also automate some business processes. So make all the features of Telegram work for the benefit of your business!

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