Traveling With Your Dog: Some Helpful Tips

traveling with dog

Some families simply can’t imagine traveling without their dogs. Nearly 95% of pet owners planned to take their animals on at least one overnight excursion, according to a 2018 survey. Traveling can be difficult for you and your dog if you aren’t ready, even though many dogs like it. Making advance plans can make your trip comfortable and secure for you and your dog.

You must make some preparations for your dog’s needs while traveling with pets, whether it’s for fun or an emergency. It takes some planning to travel with dogs in a car, especially on long journeys. You shouldn’t expect that when on vacation you’ll be able to get everything your pet needs.

 1. Make copies of paperwork relating to pets

 Similar to how we humans need our passports, if you intend to cross foreign boundaries or go on vacation, you’ll need your dog’s medical records on hand. These are required to demonstrate the health and vaccination status of your dog. Government officials request to see them, and depending on who you deal with, they either keep the originals or make copies. Additionally, if you need to visit a new vet you will be able to give them your pet’s medical history if you are traveling abroad.

2. Don’t forget to pack your pet’s favorite toys and treats

Don’t forget to pack your pet’s favorite toys and goodies when you prepare for a trip.  They will feel more comfortable and at ease if you’re pet shares some of their familiar possessions. For both of you, the trip will be less stressful as a result of this.

Additionally, it’s usually a good idea to pack a few extra items in case your pet becomes bored or restless all through the trip. Pack a handful of their favorite toys and snacks, and you and your pet can travel without any stress.

3. Choose the destinations and activities properly

Some locations will be better suited for you and your pet than others, so make an informed decision about which locations allow pets and which will be the ideal location for your dog. And make friendly restaurant menu choices. When visiting a big metropolis like Manhattan, a dog who has only ever lived in the suburbs won’t know what to expect.

Don’t entirely push them outside of their comfort zone by exposing them to unfamiliar surroundings, people, sounds, and smells. Let them gradually become accustomed to the notion that you are traveling to a different location. Additionally, avoid surrounding children with strangers, since this can intimidate them and cause inappropriate reactions.

4. Utilize dog-friendly applications

There are many apps that can be useful when traveling with your dog. Compared to when I used to travel the world without a Smartphone, it’s much simpler now. Some of my favorites are:

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross: This software gives you step-by-step guidance for common pet emergencies and assists you in finding the closest emergency animal hospital.

All Trails: This has the most trail maps available. (Over 50,000). You can narrow your search for dog-friendly hikes by looking through photographs and reviews and filtering your results by dog-friendly trails.

 Bring Fido: The Yelp of canine culture Find pet-friendly lodgings, attractions, and eateries nearby with the aid of Bring Fido.

5. Keep tags on their collar at all times

You can never be too careful when walking your dog since you never know what can happen. Maintain current tags on them at all times to ensure their safety as they travel back home.

6. Bring a pet carrier

Pet carriers are available in a wide range of styles. One of my favorites is the K9 Sport Sack, a pet carrier backpack that accommodates dogs up to 40 lbs. Use the discount code BOOGIE for 10% off (hint). There are many colors available, and patches are available to add your own design. Moreover, I employ The Roodie, a sweatshirt with built-in pet carriers that can handle dogs up to 15 lbs.

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