7 Questions To Ask Yourself While Outsourcing Business Blog Writing Services

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Small and medium businesses are still establishing themselves as brands. An MSME is therefore looking for opportunities to showcase its expertise in its chosen field of business. You, as a business owner or someone working for a startup, can relate to the challenges faced in presenting your point of view. One of the ways to do so is with a blog. There are just so many entrepreneurs and marketers who want to share their views with their peers. Is it then advisable to outsource blog writing? Would a writer be able to capture the authenticity of your experiences?

Blogs are an essential part of content marketing. Writers are trained to understand and express the unique vision of the businesses they are writing for so that they are able to add some value in this form of content marketing. You can always outsource content writing services to a foreign location, like India, and accrue the cost and quality benefits. These benefits are the reason more and more corporates are outsourcing professional content writing services to India.

Benefits of outsourcing content writing services

  1. You get time to address other concerns instead of spending a couple of hours on your blog
  2. It is cost-effective if you outsource content writing services as you get premium writers to work for you on a budget
  3. You can downsize or increase the number of writers working for you with ease
  4. Outsourcing gives you access to the best talent in the global market

Working with the most qualified writers from across the world will ensure that your voice and tone is captured in every blog. However, to get the most out of your blog writers, it is important that you ask yourself a few questions to create a mental checklist of sorts. This way you have the clarity required to communicate better with your writers.

1. What is your brand tone?

Brand tone is essential for your communication strategy. It sets the language for all your creative work, including blogs. There are two elements that guide brands into setting their tone.

(A.) The products or services you’re offering
(B.) Your consumers or clients

Financial products require a more formal tone. Financial products targeted towards 30–35-year-olds need to be formal with an appeal to a more secure future.

Such an analysis should give you clarity on the brand tone you need to make your communication appealing. Once you have clarity on your brand tone, you can then share your vision with your writers.

2. How to select a writer for your blog piece?

Just like any other service, a range of quality is available for you in the writing community. These writers can be broadly classified as experienced and inexperienced writers. If you’re looking for a writer to only write simple blogs, then an inexperienced writer will be cost effective and work for you. If you’re looking to create a strong digital presence with excellent web content, then an experienced writer will be able to help you more.

3. Should you outsource content writing services overseas?

Hiring an overseas content writer makes a lot of sense for MSMEs. Hiring talent overseas gives you access to experienced and skilled writers at an affordable price. For example, content writers in India have the experience of working with foreign clients. The quality of work they deliver will match local as well as international standards.  However, the dollar exchange rate will ensure that their services cost you less.  This creates a win-win situation for all parties involved.

4. What are your expectations from your writers?

In order to get value for money from the service you’re hiring, it is important that you create a clear roadmap for your writers. Discuss with your writers the type of content you could use. Create a task sheet with clear deadlines that all parties agree on. Get the maximum variety of content possible from your writers. This exercise will keep your workflow streamlined.

5. Get legal protection for all your work, ideas and data

You have copyrights over all the work that is paid for by you. Make sure this custody of intellectual rights is clearly mentioned in your contracts. Ask the writers you hire to sign non-disclosure agreements with you. This will protect your data and overall strategy.

6. Should you hire a freelancer or agency?

Hiring a freelancer will allow you to build a direct and personal relationship with the writer. However, outsourcing content writing services to an agency will give you access to a gamut of essential associated services such as editing and designing. You can also easily expand the scope of work with an agency and need not limit your content requirements to blogs.

7. What should you keep in mind while offshoring your writing work?

Working with someone who is from a different country can be complicated. You can avoid this complication and reap the maximum benefits of offshore outsourcing by following a few steps.

(A.) Select a country that is connected to the global culture
(B.) Work with agencies who have experience in working with foreign clients
(C.) Give proper briefs and define the overall scope of work
(D.) Guide and train the team you hire to meet your requirements

Over the years, India has become the chosen destination for outsourcing writing work. English language is part of India’s diverse ethos. India, as a country, has always been open to new and modern ideas. Content writers in India reflect the nation’s global connections. It is not unusual to find versatility of talent in a single agency. Hence, website content writing services in India are offered along with other creative options. India, as a destination, is also cost effective. Hence, outsourcing to India gives you a range of quality content writing services at an affordable price.

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