7 Ways To Calm Your Mind Using Plants

Calm Your Mind Using Plants

Getting good rest is important for your health. It can be hard to get good rest if you can’t settle your thoughts after a busy day. Being able to calm your mind is essential to good sleep and your quality of life.

Some people use pharmaceutical medicines to calm an overactive mind. Others have learned simple techniques like meditation or mindfulness, that help them calm their minds after a hectic day. Many have discovered the power of plants.

Beyond being nutritional, research shows that plants may be soothing. Plants, including houseplants, may provide a variety of psychological benefits. Here are 7 ways you might use plants to help calm your mind and relax.

1 – Yard Work

Yard work can be an effective way to distract your thoughts. It combines exercise, fresh air, accomplishing a task, and being around plants all at the same time. So pick up some litter, trim branches and rake dead leaves. These efforts make you focus on living in the moment. Earthy scents, the sight of clouds in the sky, and the feeling of grass underfoot, may combine to work on your mind in subtle ways to distract it from troubling thoughts.

2 – Gardening

Another way to get a healthy dose of nature and growing things is to set up and maintain a garden. A garden can calm your mind in two ways. First, by surrounding yourself with green, growing things. Second, by providing some simple tasks to focus upon. The difference between tending houseplants and managing a garden is the goal. The goal of a garden is to produce food, and that gives it higher stakes. You may not care so much about a houseplant drying out from lack of care, but a garden demands attention.

3 – Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy seeks to leverage specific scents to influence the mind. The goal may be to excite, invigorate, or relax, depending on the scent. Some plant scents that may help calm the mind include rosemary, lemon, and peppermint. Their effectiveness may depend on the individual. This method is often combined with other ways to relax like meditation or massage.

4 – Kratom

Kratom may be able to soothe and calm your mind. Kratom comes from an evergreen tree, Mitragyna Speciosa. Its leaves may be sustainably harvested at one of three stages in its life cycle. White kratom comes from the youngest leaves, and fully mature leaves yield red kratom. Healthy leaves in between these stages provide green kratom. Each color, or strain, has different concentrations of active ingredients. This makes kratom useful in a wide variety of applications. You can buy kratom online in liquid, powder, or capsule form — all of which are easy to store and use on the go.

5 – CBD

CBD may help in your search for wellness and a way to calm run-away thoughts. CBD is a cannabinoid found naturally in the hemp plant and can be found in a variety of forms including CBD hemp flower, edibles, and oils. You’ll find CBD products labeled as full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate. To be brief, an isolate is pure CBD. Broad spectrum contains CBD and other compounds found in the plant, but no THC. Full spectrum CBD contains everything that was in the plant, including THC up to 0.3%.

6 – Cannabis


Cannabis may provide an effective way to relieve pressure on an overactive mind. The THC content in cannabis determines how intoxicating or euphoric it may be. Some people prefer high-THC flower while others get benefits from low- or no-THC cannabis strains that are rich in other cannabinoids. Many of the cannabinoids found in cannabis are under research. There are many cannabis accessories and products, including vapes, pre-rolls, and concentrates.

7 – Green Zoning

Many houseplants won’t give you greens or fresh produce to devour, but they can still help you in other ways. Through strategic placement of houseplants, you may create an indoor comfort zone that might trick your mind into believing you are immersed in nature.

Choose a quiet nook, a secluded corner, or a small room. Arrange your plants horizontally and vertically until it feels adequate. You may need to buy more houseplants. A green zone may provide a variety of benefits. Leafy plants absorb sound, for example. Plants create oxygen, some of them even at night, like the snake plant. Plants clean the air by trapping dust particles in their leaves. These qualities help to create a relaxing atmosphere that may help you calm your mind.

Nature Benefits Us All

Plants may be part of the answer that many people seek when it comes to all-natural wellness support. The right plant, plants, or plant product, may help you find a way to relax, calm your mind, and fall asleep. These benefits are available to everyone, without the danger of pharmaceutical side effects.

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