Types of CBD Edibles + Guide to the Right Dosage (2023)

CBD Edibles and Dosage

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CBD products, whether they are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or CBD isolate, should be consumed in the recommended dosage provided by experts. If you choose to ingest CBD orally, it’s important to understand all the various types of CBD edibles available on the market. This knowledge will enable you to explore the various options and determine which type is most suitable for your needs.

CBD products have been proven by researchers to provide great relief for conditions such as insomnia, nerve pain, muscle spasms, etc.  Just like any other CBD products these edibles also provide similar and great benefits. The optimal benefits can be achieved by consuming the CBD edible in the correct dosage which may not be similar for everyone. Let’s explore the different types of CBD edibles available and understand the recommended dosage for each.

Type of CBD Edibles and Dosage

1. Gummies: 

These types of products are mainly candies that are available in multiple colors and mainly infused with CBD. CBD gummies online like other edibles, do not contain more than 0.3% THC. These edibles have a THC content of no more than 0.3%. Consuming such edibles makes it convenient to know the exact amount of CBD consumed with each gummy. When made with full-spectrum CBD, these gummies contain all cannabinoids and terpenes apart from giving one to cherish its rich flavor and taste. On the other hand, gummies made with broad-spectrum CBD have a label indicating 0.0% THC concentration. If the gummies do not contain any THC, it means they are exclusively made with CBD isolates.


When it comes to knowing the number of gummies you should consume for a particular use, be it anxiety, stress, or pain, you need to check the potency of each gummy. For beginners, it is recommended to start with lower doses and see how your body reacts to it, especially if you’re using CBD gummies for sex. Research has indicated that a dosage of 1,500 mg is generally considered safe for most individuals when it comes to consuming gummies.

2. Capsules: 

Oral ingestion of CBD products through capsules is a convenient method to experience the benefits of Cannabidiol as it gets absorbed through the digestive system. These capsules or pills may also contain additional vitamins and nutrients, according to researchers, offering potential supplementary health advantages. Vegetarians can also consume certain capsules that include vegetables as ingredients.


Similar to gummies, the dosage of CBD capsules is determined by the strength of the pills. If a single capsule contains 20 milligrams of CBD, it cannot be reduced in dosage. Hence, it is advisable, to begin with capsules that have lower potency. In order to choose the dosage and potency of the CBD capsules that are best for you, it’s also essential to seek a doctor’s advice. 

3. CBD Tea: 

CBD can be consumed in the form of tea, allowing individuals to enjoy its benefits during their favorite relaxation time. Similar to gummies, a variety of flavors and formulations are available for CBD teas. These teas may incorporate ingredients like mint or chamomile, which offer multiple health benefits. People experiencing anxiety or various types of pain may find relief through the consumption of CBD tea. When consumed correctly, it can also aid in reducing insomnia. CBD tea can be combined with green tea, which further enhances its benefits.


The appropriate dosage of CBD tea is determined by the information provided on the label of the product. The dosage will vary based on the specific brand and the amount of CBD present in each tea bag. Certain brands may offer tea bags with 3mg of CBD, and it is advisable for beginners to start with lower dosages.

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4. Snacks or Cookies: 

CBD-infused snacks are readily available and can be enjoyed as a means of achieving relaxation and unwinding effectively. There are numerous recipes for cookies and snack items that incorporate CBD, offering various ways to prepare them. It is a delightful method of consuming CBD while reaping its benefits. Additionally, these snacks serve as excellent mood lifters as CBD is one of their primary ingredients. The range of CBD snacks includes cookies infused with chocolates and nuts, protein bars, granola, and more. Moreover, such snacks are also helpful in alleviating pain.


Different varieties of CBD oil are accessible for baking CBD snacks. When preparing snacks, it is essential to consider the strength of the CBD oil being used. It is important to ensure that each cookie contains a low dosage of CBD, such as 4 mg per cookie, especially for beginners.


Starting the process of experiencing the advantages of CBD necessitates a safe way, and edibles are widely regarded as one of the safest and most popular methods. Additionally, if someone is unwilling to explore alternative consumption methods and prefers oral ingestion, selecting the appropriate type of edibles can be extremely beneficial. Whether it’s capsules, gummies, or even cookies, all of these products can deliver the benefits of CBD in a similar manner. Regardless of the chosen product, it is crucial to consume it in the correct dosage.

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