How to repair OST files – A Complete Guide

Repair OST files

Summary: OST files are responsible for storing Outlook data and synchronizing with the Exchange server. However, when there is a problem in your OST file, then maybe the file has been hit with corruption. So in this blog, we will talk about the solutions to repair OST files with the help of 

OST file corruption is probably one of the most difficult times for the Outlook user.

While seeking a solution, the user looks for an approach that they can easily cope with. However, there are various solutions to repair OST files which we will be going to cover in this technical write-up. Even there is a risk involved if you don’t know the working of some repair utility which is ScanPST.exe. 

Regaining access to the OST file is so crucial because it’s a matter of user data. So removing the corruption from them is the ideal solution. 

What are the Solutions to Repair OST files?

There are different strategies to repair OST files, but selecting the right approach will decide the next course. Users can look to create new OSTs or go with the ScanPST.exe tool to remove the corruption from their OST files.

However, both manual methods have their own set of benefits. To take a look at how you can utilize them while repairing your OST file, kindly look at below:

The method we will cover is using the ScanPST.exe utility; below, we have explained the step-by-step procedure to repair the OST file. But first, locate the ScanPST.exe, as its location will depend upon the version of Outlook you are using.

  • Once you find the location, kindly double-click on it to launch it.
  • After that, you will require loading up the corrupted OST files into the utility. Using the browse button, you can add an OST file. 
  • After you successfully add the required file, kindly click on Scan to check whether it is a major or a minor corruption.
  • Later on, if it is significant corruption, then you can close down the utility as it will not be able to solve it. Otherwise, kindly click on the repair button to start the process.

Note: – Make sure to back up the data before making your way to repair OST file because a single problem/mistake will result in a total data loss.   

This method will allow you to remove the corruption from OST, but if the size of OST is more than 2GB, then you cannot proceed with this method. 

The following solution, which will move now, includes creating the new OST file. So let’s check out how this method works.

Creation of New OST files

The next method, which will help you to remove the corruption from the OST file, will require you to rebuild the OST file. However, different procedures exist to create an OST file in all Outlook versions. Below we have mentioned the method for Outlook 2013 version.

  • First, you must open the Tools menu and then choose the Account Settings option.
  • A new window will open, where you will find details related to your data files.
  • Here, click on the Data file tab, where you will see a number of files; kindly select the OST file, which will help you to locate it.

In the second phase, you need to change the extension to re-create the new file. Go to the Explorer menu and make to close down the Outlook application. Then after, you can change the extension of the OST file by simply going to ‘File Name Extensions.’ To make changes in the existing extension of the OST, kindly right-click on it and select rename option. Kindly make sure to enter the /.bak at the end of the OST file.

Later on, open Outlook, which will be directly from the new OST file without any corruption. Also, Outlook will automatically synchronize the data. This method only works if you have an active mailbox on the server; otherwise, it won’t be easy to synchronize the older data.

Better Solution to Deal with Corruption OST file

We have seen how the above solution to repair OST files helps to remove corruption. There are various things to consider when looking up for a solution to fix the OST corruption issue. However, we will only suggest you examine them and then proceed with the selection. Shoviv Exchange OST Recovery tool is one such solution that will outclass the other two explained solutions.

This software will help you with repairing a large number of files simultaneously. Also, no matter the level of corruption as this utility will easily remove major corruption from the OST file. It has an excellent GUI which supports working quickly with the tool. To know the software functionalities, just find them below:

  • It allows users to preview the items inside the OST file just before starting the process to repair the OST file.
  • Users can apply the Incremental export option, which offers benefits when the user wants to resume the interrupted process. Due to this option, the utility will start from that point from where the process gets halted.
  • Users can apply the available data filter option to restrict or include the required data set. Their date ranges filter criteria if effective if you need to process the data for a specific time period.
  • The tool provides the option to split the resultant PST as per the size requirement of the user.
  • You can work with this OST repair tool on any version of the Windows Operating System.

Their free demo version also comes at no cost. Any user can utilize it to learn more about the software or to check its efficiency. 

Wrap Up

Corruption in the OST file creates problems for users in many ways. Nevertheless, we have checked various options from where users can repair OST files. Still, only a few of them has the capability to deal effectively. Using the third-party tool listed here provide numerous benefit. In the end, we would only like to tell you that kindly examine all solutions and then decide which way you want to go.

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