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automation software for MSPs

Professional services automation (PSA) is essential for managed service providers (MSPs) to succeed in today’s competitive market. It enables MSPs to streamline operations by automating many processes, such as resource planning, service delivery, and billing. 

With the right tools for PSA, MSPs can easily manage their business and stay ahead of the competition. This is because leveraging the latest technologies and features allows MSPs to save time, improve customer satisfaction and increase their profits.

Below, we highlight the best PSA tools that MSPs can use to get the most out of their business and take their services to the next level.


Accelo is a PSA that MSPs can use to manage their day-to-day business. It provides detailed insight into customers, projects, and people, enabling MSPs to forecast their future work and manage their teams more effectively.

With its workflow automation feature, Accelo is one of the best automation software for MSPs that allows them to streamline their business processes and improve the customer experience by providing a simplified user interface and robust reporting capabilities. Users can also create custom workflows for different projects.

Accelo offers an integrated chatbot for service desk tickets and a business automation feature for sales and marketing activities. Key features include asset management, time tracking, service level agreement tracking, project management, business intelligence, and billing automation.


Autotask is another great PSA that MSPs and IT specialists can use to manage their business and customer relationships. The software, now part of the Datto family, is top-rated because it provides comprehensive business insights, improving efficiency to simplifying order processing.

Key features of the service include reports, time and billing, service desk, contracts and service level agreements (SLAs), and project management. It also supports integration with more than 170 MSP-focused tools.

Autotask’s excellent features make it easier to allocate resources and meet deadlines and business goals.


Atera is a PSA with integrated RRM that enables MSPs to automate their marketing, sales, and project management processes. It integrates with remote support, billing, help desk, and reporting to provide more control over the network. This allows MSPs to manage their team members more efficiently using time tracking, resource scheduling, call monitoring, and other vital features.

Atera’s straightforward onboarding process makes it perfect for new and small MSPs. It allows employees to become familiar with the system quickly, so companies rapidly see a return on their investment. 


Connectwise is a big name in the PSA industry. The business management platform is perfect for companies that provide services, support technology, or sell. Currently, more than 110,00 users are working with Connectwise to control their business better, work more efficiently, be more accountable, and increase profitability.

The cloud-based platform integrates project management, marketing, sales, customer service, help desk, sales, and business analytics to streamline operations. It also has automation features that allow users to automate support tasks for faster turnaround and response times. Ultimately, it provides quicker and better service to your customers.

With the help desk performance monitor, users can track their goals. The platform is also great for collaboration with other tools, making it the ultimate solution for community and peer communication.

The platform is also competitively priced, giving you access to three pricing packages. So you can choose the ideal package for your needs. With more than 15 years of experience, the platform offers its users access to an extensive network of experts, ideas, and solutions.

Kaseya BMS

Also known as the “Next Gen PSA,” this software is packed with features for unmatched simplicity and efficiency in IT organizations. Another outstanding feature of Kaseya BMS is its affordability for smaller MSPs.

With Kaseya BMS, you don’t need your server to provide support to your customers. The cloud-based platform eliminates the need for you to develop your infrastructure. It has unique features like inventory management that aren’t available with other PSAs. It lets you track purchases and assets seamlessly.

You also get a free trial period of up to 14 days. This allows you to test the platform before you commit.

SuperOps is a cloud-based platform that provides both PSA and RMM capabilities, giving your IT team greater control over operations. Features range from SLA management, help desk, automation, client relationship management, alerts and policy management, asset management, documentation, and patch management.

With its incredible features, the software offers exceptional capabilities on a single platform. It allows users to improve customer compliance, automate processes, increase security, and provide better IT services.

With, you can automate runbook management, client billing, asset monitoring, and service requests. You can set up custom SLA goals and policies to suit your needs and even create rules to resolve issues automatically.

You can also manage the service/product catalog, IT documents, contracts, and customer communications on a single platform.

The RMM capabilities let you create and customize asset policies and simplify patch procurement, planning, approval, and deployment. It also delivers real-time alerts on incidents across your customer’s IT assets and environments.


HaloPSA is useful software that gives you a wide range of PSA solutions in one place. The platform has powerful features that enable billing and time tracking, asset management, advanced reporting, seamless integration, remote access, automation tools, and more.

With a cloud-based system, you can manage equipment from anywhere. The intuitive user interface can be customized to your needs, allowing you to solve your customers’ problems, standardize processes, and improve customer communication.


The world of managed services is snowballing, and it’s an excellent time to get into this industry. Automating many aspects of your business using PSA tools is essential to reduce operational costs, staying profitable, and keeping your customers happy.

Professional services automation tools can help MSPs streamline their operations and increase productivity. Designed for MSPs, these tools have robust features that make managing projects, tasks, and resources effortless. They also have an integrated CRM and ticketing system that lets you manage customer relationships and service desk tickets. With the right PSA tools, you can easily manage multiple projects to streamline your business, save time, and increase efficiency.

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