5 Tips That Help You Find Quality Marijuana Seeds Online

marijuana seeds online

When shopping for marijuana products online, understanding the quality and selecting the right products is challenging. The market is filled with many fraudulent dealers aiming to take advantage of amateur growers and marijuana restrictions. 

You do not have the freedom to inspect the products; hence you have to rely on other techniques to inspect the products to ensure you carefully select the most viable seeds. 

In countries where marijuana usage and purchase are legal, the selection process should be a little easier. Still, you can rely on various guidelines to help you select the right strains and marijuana seeds.

Here are some guidelines to help with the selection.

1. Research Details About the Seed Bank

A reputed seed bank is essential to ensure you buy the best marijuana seeds that will be viable. You can read the reviews about top marijuana seed banks to help you select the best vendor amongst the endless list of vendors. The first selection process is to consider the experience, history, and other opinions of marijuana farmers. 

There are different marijuana seed banks, but you must consider the vendor due to the increased number of fraudulent vendors. While selecting the ideal vendor, consider the range of products they have. An ideal vendor should have more than 500 strains in stock and include details and pictures. High Supplies is one such seed bank. It has the quality and cheap marijuana seeds available online on its website. 

You can also rely on the reviews of past buyers who post their opinions about the seeds. You can also check the seeds from the top marijuana dispensaries that offer online sales.

Do not rely on any buyer you find on social media since most will give you the wrong seeds. Most fraudulent dealers commonly mislabel the products and will admit to having all the seeds you need because they mislabel everything. 

2. Read the Product Information

When buying marijuana seeds, you must read all the product information before placing your order. The product information provides you with details such as the parent strain. The parent strain enables you to identify the best seeds or the desired marijuana strain. 

The information also provides details about the strain effects and other details. The dealers usually provide all these details as long as you click the product description provided by the supplier or the vendor. 

Within the information, you will also get pictures of the seeds. Also, check for other details, whether they are a female or male seed. You can also check if they are hybrid, indica, or sativa strains. 

Most vendors benefit from the details provided to boost customer experience by helping them identify the product details hence the fast selection process. Consider other product details, such as growing and nurturing the seeds.

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3. Consider Customer Services

Buying marijuana seeds online requires that you rely on a company that will deliver the sources to your address. Therefore, you need to consider companies offering fast and efficient delivery to your doorstep.

If the shipment is damaged, you need to be aware of the damages and other challenges associated with the shipment. Hence, you need to focus on a company that will offer product replacement, and in case the products arrive damaged, you can return them for a refund or replacement.

Customer services also involve providing the necessary guidelines and directions about product usage. Pay attention to the reviews to understand the customer services provided by the vendor. You also need to check the payment methods and select a vendor that offers multiple payment methods. Ensure the payment methods are safer and can be traced whenever any issues arise.

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4. The Type of Seeds to Buy

There are different marijuana seeds you can buy from online vendors. The types that exist include regular, feminized, and auto-flower. 

If you need THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, you should consider purchasing female seeds. They produce the highest concentration of cannabinoids than the male seeds, which have the 50/50 possibility of generating either male or female seeds.  

You also have the option to buy regular seeds, which can either be male or female. Some contain male and female specimens, and you only need such seeds when you need crossbreeding services. 

If you are new to marijuana farming, you should consider female seeds since the regular seeds can sometimes be difficult to nurture, especially when determining germination requirements such as light, water, temperatures, and how to ensure they generate the needed yield. 

Autoflowers are easy to grow and take a short time before fully mature for harvesting. They need light and other germination conditions like other seeds but can thrive even when the conditions are available in limited supply. They can grow in places such as in tight areas, indoors, on balconies, and in other places. 

5. Consider the Parent Strain

Before you buy any strain, this is the first condition you need to consider. There are reasons why people grow marijuana based on the different effects and benefits to the body. 

You can check amongst the available strains, such as sativa, indica, and hybrid. The strain you buy will depend on the parent plant; you can get these details from the product detail provided by genuine vendors. 

If you want THC, you should consider the indica strain; if you need CBD, consider the sativa; if you need both effects, consider hybrid strains, which have both effects. 


Marijuana seeds have different germination and growth condition; hence you need to consider your local environment before you order the seeds. Other factors to consider include the vendor, the strain to buy, customer services, and other product details.

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