Top 6 Most Cost-Effective Packaging Types

Cost-Effective Packaging

When we think of cost-effective packaging, we might think of low-quality stuff that screams cheap. But that’s only sometimes the case. All over the world, we have seen many cost-efficient packaging examples that have performed very well in the market. 

In this article, we will talk about 6 cost-effective packaging types and their benefits. 

What are the 6 cost-effective packaging types?

The foundation of modern packaging was laid by a cereal company named Kellogg’s. They were the first ones to use paperboard boxes to pack cereal. Those boxes did not have a plastic lining at that time. But what matters now is that those books became stepping stones for modern packaging. 

Since then there have been enormous improvements in the field of packaging. After the .com boom, the world has experienced progress at an even faster rate. And this is true for the packaging industry as well due to this we can see a wave of entrepreneurship in recent years. 

This rise in entrepreneurship has fuelled e-commerce. Now, most of the new businesses are operating without any physical shops. You might be familiar with this process of shopping which is now a billion-dollar industry. 

This lack of physical shops has affected the trust between the owners and the customer. To tackle this problem brands have come up with different tactics to make customer experience better. You might be familiar with this concept called Unboxing Experience. 

There are thousands of videos with millions, if not billions of Views and likes on various social media platforms. This unboxing experience has become an integral part of running businesses. As a business owner, it would be a wise move to make sure that our customers have an excellent unboxing experience. 

And this is where we get a not-so-small problem which is budget. If we are talking about start-ups then those businesses have a limited amount of money to spare. It wouldn’t make sense if they are wasting their resources only in packaging and neglecting other aspects of their business.

Many times businesses have tight or limited budgets for packaging and they don’t want to compromise on the quality as well. So what do we do? This is where cost-effective packaging comes in handy. There are many cost-effective packaging types that you can use on your business without making it look cheap. 

This is the list of 6 such ways which do not cost a fortune but still are, effective enough to leave a positive impact on the people unboxing it : 

Custom printed tape 

These tapes are the best choice if you have the budget for only one customised item. A custom printed tape will not only help to gain brand awareness, but it also is a great tool for advertisement. 

This tape can be used just as ordinary packaging tape is used on plain corrugated boxes. This will help in customising the product packaging according to your brand. With tape, you can be as creative as you wanna be. Along with that a custom printed tape is the best cost-effective packaging idea for a small business or start-up. 

Die cut boxes

We all have seen die-cut boxes used by bakery shops or sometimes sweetshops. These boxes are a good option for a complete packing solution. They are named Die-cut boxes because, during the manufacturing process, the sheets used in these die-cut boxes are placed in a machine called Die-cut. These are very efficient machines due to their compatibility and versatility in cutting sheets in various forms. 

These boxes are easy to print and use. We can keep them stored and they won’t take up much space. Plus you can get quite creative with them without worrying about high cost.

Paper bag

Paper bags are not just great alternatives to traditional plastic bags but they can be used as a great packaging tool. You can use this as a complimentary gift for your packages. When you give customers quirky packaging paper bags, your brand will have a chance to come around as a brand that values your customers. 

Besides that, if you print your brand’s name on a company then it can also be used as a way to advertise your brand.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are the most effective item which is still in use after decades. These boxes are easy to get and easier to ship. When we talk about shipping and storing fragile items, then nothing beats corrugated boxes. 

When paired with the custom packaging tape then we will have a very effective combination of packaging materials.


Less is more, there is not a single phrase that explains this packaging better. Minimalistic packaging is cost-effective as well as is perceived as luxury packaging when done right. 

This type of packaging is rooted in the concept of minimal living. This is when people use and keep only the essential things in their houses. When we talk of minimal packaging, then we are focusing on the essential things only. 

This type of minimal packaging is getting a lot of hype as they stand out when placed in a group of bold and tacky coloured objects. This is a plus point for companies that are making luxury objects but are within the budget when it comes to packaging.

Recycled material 

When we talk about saving costs then cutting costs on the packaging material could be a good choice. Recycled materials are not only good for the environment and sustainability but also for the business. 

These days people are being aware of environmental problems which is why they are opting for a brand that uses recycled materials because they are categorised as sustainable materials. 

There are a lot of different materials that can be used as an alternative to traditional practices. Materials like recycled cardboard, bamboo, hemp, cotton Etc. 

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We are at the end of this article which is about the 6 most cost-effective packaging types. There are a lot of options if we are talking about creative methods for cost-effective packaging. We have tried to give an idea about them. 

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