Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST via Professional Solution

Export Office 365 Mailbox to PST

Summary: Office 365 users always look to create a copy of their data in order to get better control of their data which is useful to them in many cases. Along with exploring such cases, we will introduce methods that help them to export Office 365 mailbox to PST file. So keep reading it until you will not get the solution.

Office 365 holds the major market share in the cloud emailing niche. Users will get access to multiple other services like Skype for business, Yammer, Excel, etc., which help them collaborate easily. All such formation, shared with others, is saved over the cloud. However, many times due to the unavailability of an internet connection, this advantage will become a downside. So to cope with this, the users will require a backup of their data.

As Microsoft only allows users to recover their deleted data within 30 days (retention period), it becomes important for users to export Office 365 mailbox to PST, and this blog will tell you some solutions to achieve this.

Why has it become necessary to export Office 365 data?

All data of Office 365 is basically saved over the cloud, which has its own set of pros and some shortcomings. So because of the multiple challenges users face, it becomes imperative for them to export Office 365 mailbox in PST files. We have listed below some of those challenges:

  1. In case of the accidental or unintentional deletion of the data by the user will have an adverse impact on the organization.
  2. Many times there will be a requirement to share the data with other teams within as well as outside.
  3. The organization often goes for mergers and acquisitions, so data exchange occurs.
  4. On various occasions, hackers try to steal the data, but if you have already created the backup, you can easily restore the data when required.
  5. In cases when Office 365 is down for any reason, if you have taken a backup, the accessibility of data will be possible.

After explaining some situations where users might struggle without having backup Office 365 email data, we will head toward the next section, which will be about some export methodologies. So, let’s get started with our first export method.

Exporting Office 365 mailboxes using the Content Search approach

Are you facing certain issues while implementing to export the emails from your Office 365 mailbox? Check the below-shared method to make your task easier.

Office 365 allows users to export Office 365 mailbox to PST with the help of the e-discovery method. However, the method remains critical for those who don’t have enough knowledge about the methodologies. So kindly follow the listed method:

  • Make sure to log in to the Office 365 Admin Center with the correct credentials.
  • Go to the Security & Compliance section portal. Here, first, click on Permissions. If you have already created the e-discovery manager, then click on it.
  • After selecting the e-discovery manager, you will see the Edit role group. If you require making changes, click on it; otherwise, click on Close.
  • Now, open the home page of Office 365 Security & Compliance. Click on Search and then content search.
  • Enter the required details to create a new search, like Description, Location, and Condition, and later review the search. Once done then, press the submit button.
  • Go to the content search, where you will find the existing search. After opening the search, click on Action and then select the Export result.
  • In the content search dashboard, click on the displaying search. Once you click on it, the new wizard will appear. Click on the export result to save the key.
  • Now, paste the key in the export tool to start exporting Office 365 into a PST file.

After completing this process, the user task to export Office 365 mailbox to PST will get completed. But this method has many shortcomings that the user should also check out. Like, user will be unable to filter out only the required emails, which unnecessarily increase the resultant PST file. Moreover, if anything goes wrong while preparing for the export can have an adverse impact on the overall process.

Alternatively, using third-party software will provide the better result to the user. In the next part, we’ll explore one solution that will make the backup Office 365 emails task easier.

Quick Approach to export data from Office 365 mailboxes into PST file

If you are looking for a solution to extract emails from multiple mailboxes simultaneously without restriction, then you can use the Shoviv Office 365 backup tool. It is one of the efficient solutions that allow users to export Office emails into PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, and many other file formats.

This software offers a well-designed interface that makes it possible for users with any level of technical proficiency to run it smoothly. Besides this, the Office 365 backup tool provides several user-centric features that are beneficial for users while exporting their mailboxes.

Users can take advantage of the software job scheduling facility. Due to it, users can have the choice to schedule the in many time settings like daily, weekly, and monthly. This eliminates the need to run the job manually. This tool also supports an incremental export feature, which comes to play when the user looks to resume the halted process. Due to it, the task to backup Office 365 emails will start from that point where the software has stopped.

Apart from it, this software comes with a vast range of functionalities that users can examine using its free demo version. Using it, the user can be able to export only the first 50 items from each folder.


On many occasions, the user needs to share their Office 365 data with others, and also, one should have a backup of their data to overcome a difficult time. So we have shown some methods through which users can export Office 365 mailbox to PST file. However, if you are still deciding whether to choose anyone from them, you can try the demo version before making the decision.

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