10 Amazing Book Cover Ideas For Your Design Inspiration

Amazing Book Cover Ideas


Everyone must have heard of the good old saying — don’t judge a book by its cover. But the fact is that this is a philosopher’s point of view, not of a graphic designer or a reader.

Have you ever visited a bookstore? What did you notice first there? It might be a best seller displayed in the opening area or an interesting book cover that has drawn your attention. So, the above saying only partially applies to books. That’s why it is essential to get a book cover design that can create a sense of curiosity and interest in the readers.

We are here to help you out. Follow along with the article, and you will get great clarity by the end:

1. First things first

What is the first thing you notice when you see a book? It is the title most of the time. Certainly, the title was already created before it came to the cover designing desk. This concludes that the theme and message are also clear, irrespective of the book’s content. So get an account of that and then kick off the designing procedure.

 2. Clarity through the cover

Make sure your book cover design speaks about the book’s message. The fonts, color scheme, pictures, and all the other elements should be in sync with the writer’s message.

The book cover design should speak of the storyline. The reader should understand the content by glancing at the book cover.

3. A background that’s on-point

The background of your book can be a deal breaker for you. Different genres of writing need a specific range of backgrounds. For example, a fairytale-like book has to have a dreamy background and invites the readers looking for a dreamland journey. Likewise, a non-fiction book that could be a biography or a life- lesson book generally has solid colors or, more preferably, a white background; atomic habits by James Clear is a good example.

4. Who’s the hero?

You can display the story’s hero on its cover and weave the other design around it. The hero can be the protagonist or any other element that is constantly there in the plot, or it may be an element from the title itself. The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde has several variations of book covers, but the one with the image of a villa with the horror, gray and dark background hits the best of all.

5. Fonts for the win

The fonts are sometimes enough to win the book cover design niche battle. The book’s title, the writer’s name, and any other text on the cover should depict the mood and the theme of the content packed in the pages under that cover. A light-hearted novel has to have a different font printed on its cover than a suspense thriller. Fonts and themes are the two elements that would go on the business card, too, as the signature design if the book makes it through a milestone. Fonts and colors are a crucial part of a book cover design.

Also, you can design a book cover with pictures or designs.

There are examples where there are only texts on the cover, without any image or icon or a minor one on the book cover, and still, they have been sold massively. Books like The great fall, the mayor’s tongue, too big to fall, atomic habits, and many others are great examples of typographic covers that have been accepted, admired, and searched by readers.

6. A distinguished note to appear more legit

There can be a review note by a renowned publication or someone with a good hold on a group of readers. This can easily make people take the book seriously. Such notes/ earmarks can be printed on the back, or if it is short and more effective, the front is also a good spot. The thing is that you will be getting more recognition and importance through such earmarks.

7. Drop a hint by

You can print a teaser, type a chunk of the story on the back of your book to grab readers’ interest, and end it with questions about what could have happened, where the plot might go, etc. This can be seen as the precap of a movie or a story before its release. People who take time to select books in the stores will find it easy to decide whether to buy them.

8. Weave a mystery through the book cover design

One idea is to create mystery by revealing a chunk of the storyline so that the readers get involved and become curious to know more about the story. On the other hand, you can also create a complete mystery on the cover. Take out an element of the story that is crucial over there but has not been depicted in the title; just put it on the cover to generate curiosity. Trust the idea; it really works!

9. Know the vision

Before getting into the designing process, try to have a word with the author; this is the best thing that can be done. You will get original ideas about what elements, mood, and graphics can be the best pick for the book because you will agree that the author knows his book best.

10. Chose colors wisely

It is a well-known fact that colors have their meaning. Every color has a specific vibe to create. While finalizing the colors of your book cover theme, you should also reflect on the message the book has to convey. A thriller story and a life lesson can have different colors in their theme palette.

Professional topics like business issues or habit formation texts should have a color scheme that speaks of the same. Neutrals like white, black, and red have to be the picks there. However, you can go bold if you feel like it because every color has a sober and professional touch. Similarly, love stories and college dramas generally bag colorful themes.


You will agree that millions of books are published worldwide across languages every year. But, unfortunately, only some books make it to the best sellers’ club. Every time it is not because the content could have been more impressive; sometimes, it is the book cover design too that is to blame.

The key to cracking an excellent book cover is the proportion and execution of the elements chosen. Be aware of the theme that must be depicted and follow your nerves; this works well. All you have to focus on is why your book is right there among its similar counterparts. Why should a reader pick your creation from a buffet of options? Stay simple with your vision and work on the authenticity of designs.

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